Caregivers play an important role in the lives of the person having orthopaedic surgery. As a caregiver, you can facilitate conversations with the doctor, help make decisions, and lend a hand during the recuperation period.

Caregiving after Joint Replacement Surgery (

Learn how as a caregiver for a joint replacement surgery patient, you are an essential part of the surgical experience and recovery team.

Caregiving information for Knee Replacement Surgery (

Find help preparing you and your loved one for knee replacement surgery, along with helpful tips to make the transition home a smooth one.

Caring for Someone with Back Pain (

Helpful tips for anyone suffering from back pain or living with someone suffering with back pain. From insightful suggestions for home to real-life workplace situations, this guide will shed new light on simple ways to ease back pain.

Talking to the Physician (

Tips on ways you can better communication with physicians to maximize the patient care experience.

Back Pain Explored (

Learn more about causes of common back pain, as well as treatment options, life style tips and links to additional resources at the helpful website focusing on patient back pain.

In addition, you can find helpful pre- and post-operative instructions for many of our procedures throughout the OAM website under the applicable Center of Excellence.